So What’s A Brand Story, and WHY Does it Matter?

July 16, 2020

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin

It’s no secret, people buy from brands they like. As humans, we crave connection and want to feel connected to the brands they’re making space for in our lives and wallets. But spamming your new product on Instagram to “connect” with those people? Not exactly the secret to selling out your latest launch.

Instead, focus on defining your personal brand story, and the clients will come running.

But before we get there… let’s start off with a checklist of what we really need to hone our personal brand and brand story… There are many moving parts to a brand!

All good brand stories start with your Personal Brand Archetype. Find out what kind of storyteller you are in this free quiz!

Building a Brand Story 

Now that we all know the basics of what encompasses your brand, let’s get to the heart of why we’re here. The brand story!

So what is a brand story? It’s simply a story that is all about you and your special sauce. The story is a combination of all the ingredients that really make your heart sing. 

To create your brand story, begin by getting really clear about:

+ Who you are
+ What you do
+ What makes you special
+ What was your AHA! moment? Or 2, or 3.. 
+ And most importantly, why do you serve?

Here are a few examples of brand stories you can tell to truly connect with your dream audience… 

+ What are your lessons learned? What mistakes have you made that other entrepreneurs can avoid in their journey? How can you help them? How can you create that value? Your magic is already within you, I promise! 

+ What are your humble beginnings? Why did you start your business? What were you dreaming about? What did you gain from it? What did you learn in that process?

Check out this blog post for more brand stories you can tell!

Niching Down

After you’ve defined who you are and what you do, it’s time to find your niche. The magic happens when you research and understand what problems your clients are having, and then create the perfect solutions for those problems.

When you know exactly who it is you’re talking to you’ll see your sales skyrocket. The goal is never to try and reach everyone… just your special piece of the world.

Your dream client is the kind of person that slides into your email, and you do a happy dance. Imagine the joy you would feel and the creative freedom you would bust out if they came calling all the time?!

To find your niche, begin with market research, and get super specific on the type of people that are your dream clients (i.e., working moms, spiritual leaders, wellness entrepreneurs.) “But I’m a designer!” Or, “I’m a bookkeeper!” You may say.. “WHY does this really matter?”

Because you’re building a circle. A group who wants to know about you, trust that you understand their struggles and create solutions exactly for them. Make them feel special by speaking directly to them.

Does this niching down process feel hard? That’s ok. So many people are resistant to niching down, but look at your favorite brands and entrepreneurs? They’re doing it too. You won’t regret it.” 

Don’t rush this – take the time to carve out that bad boy until you know exactly who you’re talking to.

Craft a Strong Value Proposition 

Be YOUnique. It’s time to tell your audience what a badass babe you really are. That’s your unique value (or selling) proposition. Your UVP tells clients why they should do business with you, rather than the brand they just scrolled past on Instagram.

Your UVP should be clear, showcase your offering and how that offering solves your customer’s needs. Brag about this on your website and in every marketing campaign you do!

After all, it’s your story that makes your audience feel connected to you, and people buy from brands they feel connected to

Ultimately, we want to achieve 2 things with the UVP: 

1. Show your dream clients why you’re exactly what they need next 
2. Show and tell your audience what a magical badass babe you are

Identifying Those DREAM Clients

Who do you dream about? Remember those clients who make you do a happy dance? What are their age range and household income? What do they like? What values do they associate with the work that they do? What things do you have in common that you can connect about? Where do they turn to for wisdom?

Identifying and knowing your dream clients, really knowing them (what makes them tick, click, buy) is key in creating content that will resonate with them.

The Know, Like, Trust Factor

Know. Like. Trust. The first step in this trifecta is to make yourself (and your brand) known. Once you’re clear on who you’re talking to, you want them to get to know you. You can then build likeability by being authentic and real with your brand story through images, graphics and social posts.

And lastly, trust. It’s vital in all relationships, especially those with your clients. How do you instill trust with your clients? Be honest. Share your pain points. Do market research regularly to find your client’s problems and create SOLUTIONS.

You can increase your KLT factor by talking about your brand story. And talking about it a lot. Trust me, you won’t run out of things to say because, after all, it’s your story and you know it best.

Provide them with something. Your audience may know that you have an amazing product or coaching service, but what value are they getting from following along with you? What little things can they connect with you on?

One thing you will always have in common with your audience? They’re humans just like you. And all of us want to feel like we’re engaging with other humans who share our same values.

Want to see an example of a brand story in action? Check out ours here at BS Productions! 

The BS Productions Brand Story 

At BS Productions, visual storytelling has never been as simple as clicking the shutter. It’s about connecting with creative entrepreneurs to empower them to shine in their authentic truth with powerful lifestyle imagery and storytelling.

Behind BS Productions is the chief no-BS officer, is me –  Brianna Spause. I like loud music, quiet moments and the simple joy of life that unfolds in between. I began my career as a photojournalist, and before I was 25, I was published in the NY Times and won an Emmy for my social impact documentary! But it wasn’t until I discovered personal brand photography, that I  found my passion. I love that my job lets me capture real laughs and joy through photography while also empowering clients to be their best brand storytellers for years to come with a solid strategy. 

Because owning our stories and not being afraid to do so is an integral part of online business – it’s about human connections. Storytelling is the vehicle for how we’ve communicated as people since the beginning of time. 

BS Productions was built in 2018 to marry the worlds of photography and strategy together for creative entrepreneurs! What began as a full-service photo and video production company that has since evolved into a full-scale online community of powerful brand storytellers! BS Productions integrates this power of storytelling into everything we do – because by telling your story, you begin to understand yourself even more in the process.

BS Productions and I are almost synonymous – I integrate my experience and values into every single level of the company and how I approach work with my clients. At BS Productions, my team and I challenge our clients to continually dig deeper to ensure they’ve understood their purpose and brand mission before moving forward with their visual brand identity. 

This isn’t one of those ‘she picked up a camera, and it was love at first sight’ kind of stories! This is a story of patience, grit, and perseverance to build the community that creative womxn needed to unleash their own inner brand storytellers! 

Oh Hey, I’m Brianna… 

As a brand photographer and an Emmy Award-winning video producer, I’ve spent a lot of time studying, watching, listening and learning about what makes a powerful story. I want to bring that to you. I call myself a brand producer because I’m going to help you see the magic that’s already inside of you and flip it around right online so that your clients know who you are, who they’re dealing with, and what makes you special.

I knew my clients needed more than just brand photography; they needed a custom strategy. So I developed the Brand Story Roadmap, a personality-driven content conception plan that puts YOU at the center of your brand. With you at the center, your audience becomes raving fans.

Now that you know my story, what’s yours? My Brand Story Roadmap will help you dive deeper into your why with a personalized strategy session.