Using Your Brand Narrative To Attract + Convert Ideal Clients

October 15, 2020

From lead generation to sticking the pitch with your fave personal branding coach!

Brianna Spause

Taking the time to really create a strong brand narrative is honestly one of the best things you can be doing for your personal brand! A strong brand narrative will bond and convert ideal clients. Using this strong brand narrative, we can attract, welcome and convert leads into your clients. 

It all starts by first taking time to optimize your profile to welcome new leads…

Optimizing Your Profile: Rolling Out The Welcome Mat

We need to make sure we leave no stone unturned! Before you begin pitching to your leads, we must optimize your profile on Facebook, Instagram (or wherever you will be working to generate leads) to really roll out the welcome mat. Your brand narrative needs to be really shining here to tell that story and bring your leads closer. 

Make sure that your page is optimized to lead them to your call to action. Your leads should know exactly what you want them to do next. Whether you want people to take advantage of the free offer at the top of your funnel, or you’d like them to book a discovery call, your page needs to be optimized to get those leads to the next step in working with you – and it needs to be super easy for them. 

Consider your brand narrative’s presence on your page. Are people able to learn about you and your services and the value that they provide? Can they learn fun, quirky or interesting facts about you easily? Are they able to see a photo of your face? If your prospect has to go scrolling to see what you look like, that’s a problem!

Warming up your leads

Now that your profile is ready to welcome leads, it’s time to get ready to pitch. But before you pitch, take the time to warm up your leads. As a personal branding coach, I promise you this will make your pitching so much more effective. By taking the time to get to know each other and getting to know personal details about them, you will be building the know, like and trust factor.

Not sure how to warm up your leads? A basic strategy for Instagram:

Now, if you’re more into searching Facebook groups for gigs, I have a quick and easy tip for you. You don’t need to spend all day scrolling, hoping you’re going to find a lead. Instead, go around these groups and find out where your ideal client is hanging out. In Facebook groups, people will post questions that they need help with, so answer the question, provide value, and then take that conversation into the DMs.

Taking the time to really warm up your leads will make the pitch so much smoother. Say it with me… no more cold pitching!

Getting In The Pitching Zone

It’s almost time to pitch! But you see, pitching really comes down to our mindset. Before you pitch, take a moment to really visualize the direction you’re working towards. 

I welcome you to try this exercise that I use with my personal branding clients… Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. I want you to visualize yourself in 5 years and consider…

+ Where are you? 
+ What does the room look like? Describe the details of what you see, hear, smell and feel around you. 
+ What are you wearing? 
+ What time is it? 
+ What does your routine look like?
+ What feeling are you starting your day with? 
+ What are you grateful for? 
+ How has your business changed in the past five years? 
+ Who is on your team? 
+ How are you celebrating yourself? How are you celebrating your business?
+ What are you eating for breakfast? Who are you sharing it with?
+ What’s your favorite thing that you’re going to do today?

I welcome you to open your eyes again and really think about how that feels five years from now when you’re living your best business life. How do you feel? How did you get there? What changes did you make five years ago in your business to live the life of freedom? That was the whole reason you started your entrepreneurship journey in the first place.

Taking the time to remind yourself why you’re doing this will make your pitch so much stronger. We should be doing the work to figure out if the people we’re pitching to are really aligned. In 5 years you won’t be thanking yourself for offering your services to anyone who came your way…you’ll be saying thank YOU for the dream clients you made relationships with and grew together with.

Sticking The Pitch

Now that we’re in the zone and ready to go, it’s time to rock your pitch. Here are my favorite tips for sticking your pitch…

  1. Take the time to ground yourself and get clear on your vision before pitching. 
  2. Make sure the ideal client has been warmed up and nurtured multiple times before you rush to pitch. 
  3. Speak directly to your ideal client’s pain points when you pitch. Have they mentioned something to you that they’re currently struggling with? Reflect that back to them to show you understand what they’re experiencing. 
  4. Integrate your brand story into the pitch. What do you and your ideal client have in common? Look for the personal connection that bonds you and integrate that into the pitch. 
  5. Consider your choice of words. Instead of saying ‘price’ or ‘cost,’ replace that with investment. Instead of saying expensive, replace that with quality. 
  6. Remember: we’re looking for our DREAM clients – not just anyone! Don’t be afraid to get picky! 
  7. Always follow up – the money is in the follow-up!

Ooooh, I just know you’re gonna rock it. Using your powerful brand narrative to really infuse into your pitch and lead generation strategy is going to be your golden ticket here. Now you know I’m all about helping get you kick-started, so here are some prompts to warm up your leads with your content as you get ready to pitch. 

Keep in mind that we’re building a full brand narrative here, and both the visuals and the copy will be key! 

At the end of the day, I strive to teach you how to take your experiences, fold them into a narrative, effortlessly create content and put yourself out for the world to see in a way that has your dream clients stopping to say… “why hellllooo.”

Bonus: Brand Narratives You Can Tell To Get Started! 

+ What are your lessons learned?
What mistakes have you made that other entrepreneurs can avoid in their journey? How can you help them? How can you create that value? Your magic is already within you, I promise!

+ What are your ah-ha moments?
When did something really click for you and totally transform your business? What did that feel like and what actions did you take?

+ What are your humble beginnings?
Why did you start your business? What were you dreaming about? What did you gain from it? What did you learn in that process?

+ What have you overcome? 
Here, we’re not sharing works-in-progress. We’re sharing things we powered through to give people that value and give people that empowerment so that they can start to build up their trust with us. Sharing our hardships can feel hard, but this will make your leads feel validated. Plus, to only share our highlights isn’t really authentic.

+ What was your breakthrough?
Highlight your growth moments. When was the time that this just took off for you, and what did you do? What were the actionable strategies that you used?

All of these stories help your ideal client realize that you have walked in their shoes. That you’re a human. That you’re learning and growing. And that you can help them reach the level of success they’ve been dreaming of.

Committing to the storytelling strategy is long term – you’re not always going to talk about the same stories – it’s the technique you’re getting into – the stories change and evolve as you grow.

Oh, hey, I’m Brianna!

… and I love creating personal branding narratives and strategies like this that really allow you to scale! I call myself a brand producer because I’m going to help you see the magic that’s already inside of you and flip it around right online so that your clients know who you are, who they’re dealing with, and what makes you special.