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The Rebel

Your Rebel Power Brand shows you as driven by the urge to shake old "truths". You are the maverick, the lawless, the bold and revolutionary. You often feel like an outsider, but at the same time you have this charming badass attitude. The Rebel's power comes from disturbing peace and order, breaking the rules and challenge authorities. The Rebel is fearless, insisting, makes no compromises and can be a little angry. The urge for rebellion is a forceful protest that lead to changes in society. Your clients are drawn to your inspiring attitude, expecting to achieve breakthroughs and great results. The Rebel gives other people permission to express their rebellious sides, push the limits and speak their truth no matter what.

Your clients benefit from this as they discover their own true way of living and doing business.


I see you girl! Are you ready to unleash your inner storyteller?

Let’s get started!

+ Begin by grabbing your laptop or a pen + paper and list 10 ways you relate to the Rebel result

+ Simply brain dump, drawing on your experiences and dreams for your business. Consider how the Rebel inspires you.

+ Next, read over your notes and highlight words that appear multiple times - consider these the keywords you need to start incorporating into your brand messaging to align more with your brand story and vision.

10 Soulful Storytelling Prompts for the Rebel

+ Describe a time you chose to rebel, and how it changed your perspective.

+ What are small, actionable steps your audience can take to go their own way in business?

+ We all want to be fearless, what does that mean to you?

+ Describe your greatest breakthrough in business, and how it changed your systems.

Brianna Spause BS Productions CEO

+ The rebel path can be lonely, what are the pros and cons?

+ What norms do you have to throw away to be your true rebel self in business?

+ The rebel gives others permission to express their true selves. How does that feel?

+ Disruption is a cornerstone of entrepreneurship. What’s your greatest rebel accomplishment?

+ What is your authentic truth, and why do you choose to share that boldly with your audience?

Why should your audience choose to take the rebel approach? Does it work for everyone?

Tada! That's it!

The best part is that you now have 10 prompts you can use to create content for social media, your email campaigns or blog, to ensure your content aligns with your brand story and vision!

Post your results in the Storytellers Club on Facebook with a photo of yourself that aligns with your Rebel archetype! More of an IG kind of girl? Use the #StorytellersClub hashtag on Instagram when you post your prompts!

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