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The Artist

As the Artist Brand, you confidently honor self-expression. Your imagination and unwillingness to conform is the catalyst for innovation and a never-ending stream of possibility. What other people see as lumps of clay, bits of paint and canvas, bricks and untapped potential, the Artist sees as unlimited potential to transform our human experience. The Artist is highly innovative and loves to reinvent the wheel over and over again. Your love of beauty, design and creativity can be expressed in any form, from great art to redesigning and everyday task. The Artist Brand is highly sensitive and turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.


I see you girl! Are you ready to unleash your inner storyteller?

Let’s get started!

+ Begin by grabbing your laptop or a pen + paper and list 10 ways you relate to the Artist result

+ Simply brain dump, drawing on your experiences and dreams for your business. Consider how the Artist inspires you.

+ Next, read over your notes and highlight words that appear multiple times - consider these the keywords you need to start incorporating into your brand messaging to align more with your brand story and vision.

10 Soulful Storytelling Prompts for the Artist

+ Describe a time you confidently honored your self expression, and how it changed your perspective.

+ Where does your imagination take you on a daily basis?

+ What are small steps your audience can take to lean into the most artistic version of themselves?

+ Have you always been an artist? Share a childhood memory that makes a whole lot of sense these days.

Brianna Spause BS Productions CEO

+ What are your favorite art and design trends in entrepreneurship?

+ How does art transform the human experience?

+ In art, there are no mistakes! Share your favorite happy accident.

+ Describe a time you had to reinvent the wheel in your business, and your results.

+ How does art take our everyday life, and turn it into something extraordinary?

+ Pose a challenge: how can your audience take a more artistic approach in their business?

Tada! That's it!

The best part is that you now have 10 prompts you can use to create content for social media, your email campaigns or blog, to ensure your content aligns with your brand story and vision!

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