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May 17, 2021

Safe x Sound is making a buzz! Check out our recent interviews in the press.

Documentary creates buzz on safe space at music concerts

By Mark Zimmaro for the South Philly Review – April 27, 2021

“They knew where they were going, but didn’t know what they would find, when Brian Walker and Brianna Spause set out on the road for 19 days.

Walker and his guitar, Spause and her video camera — together they knew they had the tools to make a great documentary. All they needed was an important subject and it didn’t take long to find it.

Early in their “Storyteller’s Tour”, the duo began noticing how music venues stressed the idea of safe spaces to enjoy concerts and shows. More importantly, the people they met along the way in 18 different cities in a dozen different states from Ohio to Florida were passionate about eliminating threats of sexual assault at shows.

“Originally it was just supposed to be fun, music video material and interview people about music in community,” said Spause, a talented filmmaker who lives in the Graduate Hospital section of South Philly. “But when we started talking to people, we started hearing about safe spaces and consent and preventing sexual assault and that’s what the documentary largely became.”

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A Day Without Love Releases Trailer For Upcoming Documentary Film, Safe x Sound

By Nick Teal for on April 15, 2021

A Day Without Love (Brian Walker) is constantly aiming to build up the independent music scene. Hosting online open mics during quarantine and hyping up artists and creatives on TikTok are just a few examples of this.

Recently, he and producer Brianna Spause took on a film project.
Safe x Sound focuses on the importance of safe spaces within the music and art communities.

The idea of safe spaces and their necessity within the creative community is one that is only becoming more relevant over time. If people don’t feel safe within the music or art scenes, that defeats the purpose of the outlet. Music and art is how people express themselves and they only want to be able to do so without the fear of being judged or much worse.

Walker took the time to answer a few questions about safe spaces, the film and how it came to be:

Nick Teal: When was your initial inspiration to make this film? 

Brian Walker: “Brianna Spause and I originally brainstormed this idea over dinner in 2018 when wanting to make a documentary about culture and music. As we traveled the story told itself.”

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More Press

  • “I think the documentary is more important than ever. Governments and businesses are not prioritizing music spaces for funding. DIY communities are eager to play shows, and organizers need new spaces to collaborate and connect when the pandemic is over. This film not only reminds us of our value, it demonstrates the importance of uplifting those who are often not represented in the media and creative communities.” – Brian Walker talks with Frankie Torok for New Noise: April 19, 2021
  • “The tour was 18 tour dates in about 17 days across the east coast, south, and midwest. My favorite tour date is a tie between St. Augustine (for the tacos), Greenville, South Carolina (for the people), and Memphis (for the talent). Each town was unique and beautiful in its own way which is part of why I like touring; I love learning from other people’s perspectives.” – Brian Walker talks with Olivia & Mackenzie from The Pod: April 23, 2021
  • “For so many people, music is so much more than something to absentmindedly listen to or enjoy at live shows from time to time. It can be an auditory emotional support animal, a warm hug for your ears and your heart, a safety blanket that you can crank up the volume on…the list goes on.” – Legends of Tomorrow: April 29, 2021