Safe x Sound Assistant Director: Brian Walker

May 17, 2021

A Day Without Love (ADWL) is the diverse multi-genre project of Philadelphia native, Brian Walker. The concept of A Day Without Love was born from struggle and took action after experiencing 19 days of homelessness due to Hurricane Sandy. Walker decided to pursue music with the intent of rising above his own adversity and sharing a story of hope, inspiration, and support for all.

Since 2013 ADWL has engaged in various projects such as fundraising, awareness campaigns, collaborations, skillsharing, hosting meet ups, leading community groups, marching and more.

Walker has spread his message across 22 states and 104 towns in the New England, Mid Atlantic, Southern, Midwest and West coast area of America and has played with over 700 bands and over 400 shows.


Instagram: @adaywithoutlove