Hey there, storyteller. I’m so glad you’re here.

This is probably my favorite page on my entire website because it’s completely dedicated to guiding you deep into your inner self + intuition to develop your very own sustainable marketing strategy. It’s also the home to all the free resources created with love for you here at BS Productions!

You see… Everything I do, both internally, in my business, and with my clients, is grounded in a simple framework: root, rise, bloom.

The Story Behind Root, Rise, Bloom

Root, rise, bloom is more than just a framework - it’s the ethos behind BS Productions.

What’s cool is that its meaning has only continued to bloom and grow over time!

Root, Rise and Bloom align perfectly with the 3 core elements and stages of honing your brand identity… the heart and soul of your business.

As BS Productions evolved, I began to study energy and what makes us human. I now integrate this into the Root, Rise, Bloom approach, using tools such as the chakras and their role in our business strategy. {Chakras refer to the 7 energetic centers in our body. ‘Chakra’ loosely translates to wheel}

On this page, I'll unpack each of these elements, and link you to all the soulful resources I've created for each! Think of this as your personal directory for all my free resources to create a brand and marketing strategy that genuinely feels good. It’s time to ditch the overwhelm that content creation + marketing brings you and tune into what is already within you.

I need you to know, I’m simply the seed planter. I help you uncover the root of your brand story, develop powerful strategies and ideas to rise up and bloom into the brand you envision within your deepest desires. But you have to know... you already have all the magic you need to make this happen.

It’s time to unpack the magic that’s already within you through sustainable strategies that allow you to

root, rise and BLOOM.

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Don’t know where to begin when it comes to creating a sustainable brand strategy?

It all begins with uncovering the root of your brand story… your core values and your personal brand. When you’re operating from a real sense of purpose in alignment with your values, the other pieces of the marketing puzzle fit together so much easier. That’s why this has to start by looking inward and asking yourself some essential questions… like what your mission, vision, and goals are.

Root Yourself in Your Values

+ Do you know what you stand for?

Make a plan to regularly check in with yourself on this.

+ What are your non-negotiables?

+ What is aligned with you? Creating a sustainable business means setting boundaries and sometimes saying no!

+ What is your purpose? Why are you sharing your gifts with the world?

+ What’s the vision? What does the everyday look like when you’re running and embodying this business of your dreams?

+ What are you doing right now that’s working? What small steps can you take to be closer in alignment with your vision?

+ What’s your mission? What’s the greater purpose of your work? What impact do you want to leave on the world?

We need to ask ourselves these deep questions to understand the path our business can take.

As you begin to look inward and reflect at this stage, I’d like to remind you of one very important thing. Sustainable marketing strategies are designed around one (incredibly special and magical) thing… Y-O-U.

The ROOT is about building a business around the life you already love, the energy you already have, the magic that is already within you.

Your Personal Brand Magic is Already Within You

After you’ve taken time to get clear on your values, you can then begin to hone your personal brand… because your values must come first before branding.

When we have a clear understanding of our values, we can then begin to really hone our personal brand, because we want to have that simply be an extension of us! You work hard to market your business, so let’s not overcomplicate what need not be!

Once you’ve nailed your core values and feel truly rooted within them, you already have a stellar understanding of what matters to you… Let’s share that with your audience! These elements that matter to you most are what encompasses your personal brand.

Personal brand marketing is magnetic, and also much more sustainable for you in terms of content creation! When you share your stories about everyday life, you’re taking your audience on a journey, while also treating your everyday life like a content creation opportunity.

That’s where a personal brand storytelling strategy comes in.

Show your audience more than just how to work with you; show them WHY.

This can look like…

… The things you care about

…. What you’re laughing about

…. Or what you’re dreaming of or practicing in everyday life.

Maybe it’s that new book you’re reading.

Or the sustainable food delivery service you just discovered.

Share whatever it is that really puts that twinkle in your eye.

This allows you to truly spark up meaningful conversations with your audience. Conversations that are rooted in your shared values. Talk about the recipe for dream client relationships!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE all of my clients. We’re connected magnetically. Personal brand marketing has the power to do that for you too.

Honor Your Heart + Integrity

At the end of the day, it’s important that, especially in this Root stage that you turn your focus inward and avoid comparing yourself to others on the ‘Gram.

Because your values and personal brand need to come from your heart and be integrally YOU for them to really be effective marketing devices to build those dream client relationships we talked about.

But also, because this is your business, and you deserve to make the rules. You deserve to build the business you absolutely love.

That’s why you’re working for yourself in the first place, after all!

Lean all the way into it with your whole heart.

Lean into... showing up every day doing work that you love.

Lean into… continually improving your craft.

Lean into… learning and growing from the bumps along the road.

This root will be something you can return to time and again with the seasons of your business. It will be what grounds you whenever you need it most.

Free ROOT Resources

“What is a brand story? It’s simply a story that is all about you and your special sauce. The story is a combination of all the ingredients that really make your heart sing.” read more.

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The seeds have been planted, you are rooted in your values, and now it’s time to rise up using your powerful voice (remember: you already have this magic within you!)

The story that is within you is always relevant, never going out of style. The best part is, you can always return to these roots and choose again to rise. It’s a process of rebirth and renewal within your brand that changes with the seasons… It grows with you and through you. Your messages and how you rise will change as you do, but your core values and the deeper reason why remains your root.

It's about the Story...

Do you know what I loved MOST about working as a photojournalist?

As I navigated through my community, turning strangers to friends if only for an hour or so, they shared their stories with me, trusting me with their truth and allowing me to capture their image… Freezing that simple moment in time, as a piece of their own life’s artistic collage. That was honestly the greatest blessing I’ve been given in this life; the privilege of listening to and sharing stories.

Storytelling is powerful, and I promise that you can do this too!

We are all storytellers. You’ve been doing it your entire life, even if you don’t know it.

You’ve been writing your own novel as you bop around on the road called life!

If you’ve ever said that you dread content creation, or that you don’t know what to even talk about to turn those dream prospects into clients… just remember that it all comes down to the story. With a storytelling approach, you can really begin to treat the everyday like a content creation opportunity.

Speak your Truth...

I said it once, but I’ll say it again… this has to come from the heart and be integrally you.

For it to be an effective strategy, yes. But more importantly, for it to be a sustainable and meaningful strategy for your life and for the lives of who you’re meant to serve.

When you honor your truth by sharing your stories with your

community, you’re giving them a chance to listen, learn from you, and rise with you.

But life also just is so much simpler when you speak your truth.

It’s an inherent function of treating your everyday life like a content creation opportunity.

It’s essential to building a sustainable brand.

You already have so much on your plate as the CEO! Might as well embrace life just as it is… full of stories to tell.

These stories can look like…

your personal brand stories

… stories of your growth

… stories that highlight how you truly roll out the red carpet for your clients!

Life is full of stories to tell.

Free RISE Resources

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“What is a brand story? It’s simply a story that is all about you and your special sauce. The story is a combination of all the ingredients that really make your heart sing.” read more.

“By strategizing what is already integral to your everyday life and infusing those elements more into your content, you’ll begin developing your own strong personal brand narrative!”

read more.

Brianna Spause BS Productions CEO

It’s time to bloom into what you were truly brought here to do. The key here is to bloom into whatever sets your soul on fire! Maybe that’s about embracing your CEO role to embody this dream brand you desire! Or maybe it's’ about achieving the confidence and clarity you really needed in your messaging. Or maybe it’s the ability to finally leave the job you can’t stand! We bloom THROUGH our root and rise when we transition into what's really meant for us.

It's THROUGH sustainable strategies that we can really and truly bloom.

These sustainable strategies allow the garden to grow when we're busy nurturing the rest of the

other pieces of our life and business.

If you’ve ever said that you “don’t have enough time” for marketing and branding your business, then this is what I wish to tell you: with this root, rise, bloom sustainable marketing approach, and by treating your everyday life like a content creation opportunity, you’ll free up so much time and energy to truly bloom.

That’s why, at the bloom stage, I encourage my clients to tune into their intuition and start practicing this muscle.

Let your business take you in the direction you’ve always wanted to go by listening to your intuition.

This can look like…

… Asking your audience what they want and allowing them to guide you in the right direction.

… Trusting the process and surrendering when you know something is out of your control.

… Celebrating yourself for all the wins - no matter how 'small' they may be!

… Knowing that you are abundant and meant for greatness.

This energy allows your dream clients to be drawn magnetically toward you and the solutions you can deliver to them.

Trust your inner wisdom to guide you on that path.

When you tell your own stories, come from a place of service, operate in alignment with purpose

and talk about what really lights you up…

You, my darling, will be unstoppable.

Free BLOOM Resources

“I challenge you to ask yourself: what are the things that matter to me?... The goal is to build a product suite that aligns with the life you already love, frees up time, and creates freedom within your lifestyle.” read more.

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In 5 years you won’t be thanking yourself for offering your services to anyone who came your way…you’ll be saying thank YOU for the dream clients you made relationships with and grew together with” read more.

“Uncover the root of your brand story, rise up through soulful strategies and BLOOM. While the Storytellers Club is all about helping you lean into your own story, we’re also all about continuous growth and education!”

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It's time to Root, Rise, Bloom!

Yes, I may be a storytelling expert, but at the end of the day, it’s YOU that needs to tell your own story.

That’s why when I share all of these strategies with you, I use this root, rise, bloom framework. Because it has to start at the root - the core - to find out what you really have the energy for so you can ensure your business flows accordingly. If you feel like you're trying just about everything and it all feels out of alignment... chances are you need to start back at the root and align your values with your business and sow the seeds with the right community that will grow with you.

Then, you can root, rise and bloom.

You already have what it takes! It’s just about creating the strategy to make it happen, which is precisely where I come in.

This is why I call myself a Brand Producer - my superpower is unleashing the magic that’s within you and helping you turn that into a powerful visual narrative.

My goal as a brand producer and strategist is to help you get ahead of that and take back ownership of your brand narrative. It’s also about taking the time to clearly lay out who we are, what makes you special, and developing that core messaging to have a clear strategy to come back to time and again.

Uncover the root of your brand story, rise up through tangible strategy and bloom into your dream brand

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Other Magical Goodies

I’m all about sharing the love! Here’s a directory to my other free resources if you need ‘em!

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As a brand strategist, lifestyle photographer and an Emmy Award-winning video producer, I’ve spent a lot of time studying, watching, listening and learning about what makes a powerful narrative. I want to bring that to you. I call myself a brand producer because I’m going to help you see the magic that’s already inside of you and flip it around right online so that your clients know who you are, who they’re dealing with, and what makes you special.

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