Meet Heather; Lifestyle Blogger Personal Brand Photography

June 15, 2020

Heather is a lifestyle blogger in Washington D.C. whose work I really admire. I mean seriously, every time I want fashion, beauty or travel tips, I know exactly where to turn. Heather is basically an expert in living a fabulous life in the city, so I knew this personal brand photography shoot would be worth traveling for. I spent the weekend in D.C. to do this full branding session with Heather Bien.

Heather is a pro at the candid pose, so we got to work quickly taking fabulous images that she can put out with the blog posts she’s always turning out. We started the day at Union Station to capture Heather’s love for travel. Afterwards, we visited her chic H Street apartment to capture her in the home office. We took Heather’s favorite route to the Union Market where we found fabulous art work to take street fashion portraits with, and were sure to stop for a coffee and croissant while we were at it. We ended our day in coffee shop where Heather regularly does her freelance work.

Since Heather is so familiar with her brand, planning this shoot was a dream! Knowing your brand from the inside out is always the best advice I can give a client before deciding to do a photoshoot.

Because I know you’re curious… here are some of my favorite blogs from Heather!