Creating an Irresistible Product Suite

October 15, 2020

And Branding Strategies to Sell it with Ease

Raving fans … it’s a buzzword in the online entrepreneurship world for sure, but who doesn’t really want it for their brand? After all, referrals are the queen of sales, and when we create an incredible offer and client experience, we can really make room for that kind of growth! 

It all starts by creating an irresistible product suite packed with an incredible amount of value so that our clients have a fantastic experience and become raving fans. This isn’t about making extra work for you; it’s about really getting down and dirty with your standard operating processes so you can figure out the little special touches that go a long way.

An Ode to Money Mindset…

Before we go any further, we need to touch on our money mindset because you can’t sell this fantastic offer suite you’re about to craft without a solid mindset and confidence. Turn inward before going outward!

scarcity mindset vs abundance mindset

The first thing is to tap into yourself and determine if you’re operating from an abundance or scarcity mindset. Many online entrepreneurs just starting out tend to get caught up in the scarcity mindset – thinking that there are “too many competitors” or not “enough clients to go around.” But the thing is, when you begin to build an abundance of the things you love, and focus your brand around what you love, money and confidence in sales will come right along with that. 

I want you to also look at your existing sales strategy and consider the language that you use on sales calls. What words and phrases do you use on the calls that you don’t close the sale on? A lot of these barriers and blocks in our language come down to our confidence and overall mindset. It comes down to who you are, how you think of yourself, and taking the time to reframe where you need to so that you have the confidence you need to close those sales!

Creating a product suite that aligns with your personal brand 

Now that we’ve taken the time to assess our money mindset, it’s time to get started with your dream product suite (and the branding strategies we need to get in place for you to sell it with ease!) 

As you start creating this product suite, I challenge you to ask yourself: what are the things that matter to me? For example, If freedom and time to spend with your family are why you started your business, then maybe it’s about focusing on passive products. The goal is to build a product suite that aligns with the life you already love, empowers you to build a team, frees up time, and creates freedom within your lifestyle! 

The key is to develop multiple levels for your product suite so that your ideal clients can opt into you, based on where they’re at and the level of support they’re craving. 

Your products should set you up for the life you want to live. I encourage you to develop passive income products to make sales run on autopilot, which also supports your lead generation and ad strategy. Typical product suites go like this: Do it yourself products, Done with you products, Done for you products. And pricing is always done according to this level of touch you bring to the project.

Here’s an example product suite from BS Productions for you to get an idea of what this could look like:

+ Free – Blog, Storytellers Club Facebook Community – designed to empower passionate entrepreneurs to look inward, and easy strategies to create a brand around a life they already love
+ Low Ticket – Brand Story Roadmap – designed to map out the journey between your passion project and an aligned personal brand
+ Medium Ticket – A Little Bit Of Heart – Starter Brand Photography Session
+ High Ticket – A Whole Lot of Soul: Full Brand Story Adventure Session

Choice is a good thing! It allows your ideal clients to opt-in, based on where they’re at. Pro tip: Think like Goldilocks! Odds are, your ideal client will pick the offer that’s in the middle range (juuuuuust right!)

When it comes to pricing these gorgeous new offers, here’s an extra bonus tip for you (ooooh, I just adore you!) 

The best way to figure out your pricing is to work backwards. Consider your monthly income goal and the number of hours you’d like to work per week. 

Here’s an example… 

If you want to make $10,000/month at 20 hours a week, that’s $125/hour.

How does that translate into packages? Figure out how long it would take…then double it. Let’s say you’re a badass Pinterest manager, and creating 5 pins takes an hour of work. Bill for two! 5 pins = $250… 5 pins per week for a month? Add in a strategy call. Bill for 12 hours… $1,500

Play around with big numbers and set big goals!!! You’re worth it.

Now that we know the basics for creating a product suite that aligns with your personal brand let’s dive into the branding and sales strategies that you need to sell this offer with ease.

The 4 Sales Psychology Pillars for Creating Urgency in your Marketing

As you get ready to launch this beautiful new offer suite, it’s time to get savvy with your marketing. Here are the 4 key sales psychology pillars for really creating that scarcity and urgency in your marketing to make your ideal clients jump in!

4 Sales Psychology Pillars
1. Waitlist
2. Deadlines
3. Limited Spots
4. Qualifying Leads

1. Waitlist – this is a great tactic because it’s non-committal! If a lead is interested in what you’re selling, all they need to commit to is sharing their email address. Once they sign up for a waitlist, you can nurture and hype them up for your launch so that the moment the cart opens, they’re like, “oh hello, been waiting for you!”

2. Deadlines – A great tactic is to employ deadlines in your marketing, and pack so much value into a digestible package that your client just can’t say no. The thing is, when you pack all that value in, you need to put a deadline on to inspire the action!

3. Limited Spots – Especially as a service provider or coach, there will be a cap on the number of people you can support at one time. But this also is huge in marketing – knowing that there are limited spaces. The FOMO is real if they don’t hop on!

4. Qualifying Leads – In your sales copy, you can choose to qualify who the offer is for. Maybe your offer is solely for moms! Or fashionistas! It makes your ideal client feel extra special like you went out of your way to create something exclusively for them.

Now that you have everything you need to create an irresistible product suite, it’s time to stick the pitch!

Picture of Brianna Spause ceo of BS Productions

Oh, hey, I’m Brianna!

… and I absolutely thrive when I get to help creatives like you build their dream product suite! I call myself a brand producer because I’m going to help you see the magic that’s already inside of you and flip it around right online so that your clients know who you are, who they’re dealing with, and what makes you special.