Creating An Irresistible Brand Narrative

October 15, 2020

“Facts tell, stories sell.”


We all want it: that irresistible brand narrative that has the magic people we’re meant to work with absolutely knocking down the door to be next in line for our services or offers!

Creating an irresistible brand narrative really starts with creating authentic content.

Treat Everyday life as a content creation opportunity

If I had only 1 moment to share a branding tip with you, I’d tell you to treat your everyday life as a content creation opportunity. 

This is the best thing you can do as a personal brand because you’re continuously growing your bank of on-brand photos and stories that you can use at any time, based on what you are already drawn to and love to create a stellar brand narrative! 

Wondering how to even get started with this? You’re totally in the right place!

The Power of A Good Story… 

Did you know that your clients are 22 times more likely to buy your product or service if they resonate with your brand narrative? Did you catch that? 22 TIMES MORE LIKELY! 

When they really know your story and feel they can trust you, it’s going to really warm them to your offer and create that narrative that has them knocking down the door for more! 

If the Know, Like, Trust factor is new to you, check out this blog post. 

The Mindset Of Treating Your Everyday Life Like a Content Creation Opportunity

I call this a mindset because it really is. Getting into the habit and mindset of making this natural will save you so much time. 

let's get creative, pictures of Brianna Spause

Here’s how to get started with it… 

Look At Your Routine: 
What do you do already every day that we can capture? For example, I like to show people my workspace and what I’m drinking and what I’m eating for breakfast and, what kind of sustainable products I’m using to do my part — because these are important things to me.

I know that if these things are also important to my clients, we will be developing a stronger relationship from the get-go. The goal here is to connect on a deeper level by infusing what we do every day into our marketing strategy… especially in our content!  

Narrow Things Down… 
Once you’re finished with that circle around and start to tap into your visual brain. Ask yourself: which of these things can I visualize? Which of these things are really special to how I do business that I can share with people? What are the things in my daily routine that my ideal client will identify with, but also might make the difference between signing and passing?

Tying it Together… 
Look at your phone’s camera roll and consider what photos you’re already naturally capturing in your everyday life.  Next, create a new folder (or favorite) your on-brand images, so you have an actual collection you can easily pull from! 

Now, infuse those elements from step two that you’ve determined we need to start infusing into your visual brand and content and plan time in your schedule to capture them.

Developing Your Visual Brand Narrative 

By strategizing what is already integral to your everyday life, determining what is already integrated into your brand and visual identity, and infusing those elements more into your content, you’ll begin developing your own strong personal brand narrative!

Of course, it’s great if you can hook up with a personal brand photographer to make this happen, but I’m all about you starting to photograph for yourself as you go about your everyday life! 

Here’s a little bonus kick start for you… 

The No-BS Pillars of Brand Photography

 As you start treating your everyday life like a content creation opportunity and building that strong brand narrative visually through your marketing, you’ll want to ensure you get the following captured: 

6 no-bs pillars of brand photography Headshots, Lifestyle, Inspirational, Cut Out Stock Photos, Showcase Your Products, Your Secret Sauce

You’ll need a professional photo of you smiling in front of the camera, you just do. #SorryNotSorry. When you’re getting these photos either taken or setting up your little selfie station, I want you to go for a variety; make sure you have a close up, a half body, and a full-body shot.

Let your inner diva come out and try all your angles, so you know how you like to be photographed best! 

Lifestyle photos are your time to shine and show off your personality. I love to capture my clients working on their hobbies or on a fun adventure.

Maybe this looks like strolling through the garden or practicing your newest yoga pose or cozied up with your favorite book, relaxing, with a wine glass. Show your ideal clients the things you do in your life to form bonds and relationships!

What gets your creative juices flowing? Show us your process! Where does the magic really happen? There’s plenty of ways to get those behind the scenes shots, and you can utilize coffee shops, libraries, your bed, the couch, or wherever you typically work! 

Cut Out The Stock Photos
CUT the stock photos! I promise you can capture similar images on your own. I would rather see the coffee mug that you opted for that showcases your personality than the one on the stock photo! 

Showcase Your Products
 If you’re a product-based business, show off your products! You can even reach out to some of the people who have bought your products and ask them to send in their own photos. Set up your products in natural light with some cool aesthetic props that you have around your house to get started.

Your Secret Sauce
So I know that you’re a magical boss, babe. But does your audience know that? What makes you stand out from the crowd? Maybe you’re a badass business mom or love to sing in the car. Maybe there’s a collection of postcards you’ve been working on for a decade.

I want to learn about you and your business quickly by going to your page. It’s the small things that go a long way when you are developing your personal brand narrative. Your audience is inundated with free trainings, valuable content and spicy offers. Give them a reason to love YOU, and buying your products will start to feel like a no-brainer.

Go ahead and give this a go! Be sure to let us know how it turns out by using the hashtag #storytellersclub in your social posts. I’ll be there to cheer you on with a HELL YEAH GIRL!

Picture of Brianna Spause ceo of BS Productions

Oh, hey, I’m Brianna!

I call myself a brand producer because I’m going to help you see the magic that’s already inside of you and flip it around right online so that your clients know who you are, who they’re dealing with, and what makes you special.

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