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I design sustainable marketing strategies for busy creatives so they can stop worrying about social media and get back to doing what they love.

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brianna spause, bs productions ceo

Hey you! Yep, you... the fearless female entrepreneur who took the leap to start your online business but now you're STUCK.





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Brianna Spause, BS Productions CEO

I'm Brianna - Brand Strategist

+ An Adventurous Storyteller

What kind of storyteller are you?

As a brand photographer + storyteller, Emmy-winning filmmaker, and educator, I’ve spent the past decade studying what makes a powerful narrative, especially through the visual aspects of everyday life. That’s why I call myself a Brand ‘Producer’ - I help you see the magic that’s within you and craft it into a powerful story.

I need you to know, I’m simply the seed planter. I help you uncover the root of your brand story, help you develop powerful strategies and ideas to rise up and bloom into the brand you envision within your deepest desires.

You already have what it takes! It’s just about creating the strategy to make it happen, which is precisely where I come in.

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Custom Strategy Solutions for Bold Creatives

My Methodology:

I’m all about finding out what your life really looks like and designing content creation opportunities around that! I’ll teach you how to treat every day like a content creation opportunity so that you can use your time wisely while taking on-brand images regularly… even if you’re not a photographer whatsoever! 

We’ll even go over what your routine looks like, and how we can fit content creation into your daily life in a way that becomes effortless.

Ready to uncover the root of your brand story, rise up through tangible strategy and bloom into your dream brand?

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Brand Story Rodamap

The Brand Story Roadmap is perfect for bold creatives who are ready to go step into their well earned role of CEO. I create sustainable content marketing strategies for your online business so that you can step back into your zone of genius and attract soul mate clients with ease. You need direction, and I've got my trusty compass.

Here’s everything included in the Roadmap:

+ Deep-Dive Brand Exploration Questionnaire:

Where we dive deep into your mission, vision and goals + uncover your true WHY and turn that into a powerful strategic storytelling narrative. Marketing plans are all about sustainability. This is where I really get to know you and what will work effectively for your business.

+ Collaborative Pinterest Vision Board:

Which we work on together to ensure we define the look and feel of your brand stories. Your brand vision will grow with you as your scale your online business, and this board will always be yours to look back on.

+ Full Brand Story Guide: 90 Day Content Marketing Strategy Plan + 150 Custom Storytelling Prompts

Consider your next 90 days of strategy complete! My signature strategy guide will be your roadmap as you develop your new content marketing plan. Complete with 150+ storytelling prompts tailored to your brand, your roadmap can be rinsed and repeated for years to come.

+ 1:1 Strategy Call (90-minutes)

+ A Steadfast Personal Hype Woman

When we work together, we’re family. I’m always here if you have a question or need a quick tip via email, and you know I’ll be popping up in the comments with a “HELL YES, GIRL!!” when you share your new, artfully designed brand story.

I design sustainable marketing strategies around the life you already love, so you can get back to working in your zone of brilliance. Let's do the damn thing.

Brianna Spause BS Productions CEO

Your Custom Brand Strategy Roadmap Awaits!

Kick Content Creation Overwhelm to the Curb!

Investment: $1297

My superpower is unleashing the magic that’s within you, and helping you turn that into a powerful visual narrative. Together, we will take your biz to new heights.

Done For You

Your story is the most powerful branding asset you have… and it’s already within you!

Let’s uncover it together so you can harness that story and turn into the visual brand of your dreams!

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What type of Storyteller Are You?